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Allen & Heath MixWizard WZ3, 16:2 16 Input/Stereo Output, Sound Reinforcement Audio Mixer Item Id: MIXWIZS

The Allen & Heath Mix Wizard 3 series of sound reinforcement audio mixers delivers the performance and durability expected of a quality live sound console. Light weight and rack mountable, the Mix Wizard is at home in clubs, halls, theaters, houses of worship, restaurants, etc.

The Mix Wizard 16:2 is a 16 channel mixer with 16 balanced 1/4" TRS line and 16 XLR microphone inputs. Every input channel features a direct output via 1/4" phone connectors. Direct outputs are ideal for feeding channel signal to separate monitor mixers. Six Aux sends and a pair of dedicated stereo inputs are provided. The master output section includes dual XLR L/R stereo and single XLR mono connectors. In addition, an alternate stereo output is provided via 1/4" TRS connections. The mixer features a high quality internal effects processor engine that provides quality reverbs and delay effects.

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16 Input Channels
The Mix Wizard 16:2 features 16 input channels with balanced 1/4" TRS line and 3-pin XLR microphone input connections.
Direct Outputs
All input channels feature direct outputs via 1/4" TRS phone connectors. The direct outputs are ideal for feeding input channels to monitor mixers or multi-track recorders.
Channel Inserts
1/4" TRS phone channel inserts are provided on every input. Inserts allow signal loop routing to external processors without excessive patching.
Dedicated Stereo Inputs
ST 1 and ST 2 inputs provide dedicated connections for stereo output devices such as recorders, keyboards, etc.
Internal Effects Engine
A high quality internal effects processor engine provides reverb and delay effects.
High Quality EQ Section
High quality 4-band parametric EQ provides full signal contouring of channel signal.
Rack / Flat Surface Mounting
The 16:2 features removable side panels and pivoting connection pod for rack mounting or angeled flat mounting.
Total # Of Inputs

Mic/Line Inputs
16 - 1/4" Phone Line Inputs
16 - XLR 3-pin Microphone Inputs

Stereo Line Inputs
ST 1 - 1/4" TRS Phone x2
ST 2 - 1/4" TRS Phone x2 Ch's 1,3 TRS unbalanced >10k ohm, -16 to +20dBu
Ch's 2,4 TRS balanced >10k ohm, -16 to +20dBu

In-Line Inputs/Returns

AUX Sends
6 - 1/4" TRS Phone balanced

AUX Returns
ST 1 - 1/4" TRS Phone x2
ST 2 - 1/4" TRS Phone x2

16 - 1/4" TRS Phone

BUS (Group) Outputs
Left, Right, Mono - XLR 3-pin male balanced
AB out - 1/4" TRS phone balanced

2 Trk Master I/O
L/R/M outputs or AB out

Direct Out - ch's 1-16 1/4" TRS balanced

Monitor Outputs
Headphone - 1/4" TRS Phone

EQ Section
Mono EQ:
HF Shelving, +/- 15dB, 12kHz HM Peak/Dip, +/- 15dB, 500Hz to 15kHz, Q=1.8
LM Peak/Dip, +/- 15dB, 35Hz to 1kHz, Q=1.8 LF Shelving, +/- 15dB, 80Hz
Stereo EQ: HF Shelving, +/- 15dB, 12kHz
HM Peak/Dip, +/- 15dB, 2.5kHz, Q=1.8 LM Peak/Dip, +/- 15dB, 250kHz, Q=1.8
LF Shelving, +/- 15dB, 80Hz Channel HPF - 12dB/octave below 80Hz

Mute - ch's 1-16
PFL - ch's 1-16 monitored via headphone or AB outputs

Channel Level Control
Fader control, +10dB max boost

Trim/Gain Control
50dB range from +10 to +60dB (mic), -10 to +40dB (line, pad)

Phantom Power
+48 Volt

3 color LED, quasi peak response
Master: 12 segment -30 to +16dB Channel: 2 segment -12, +16dB (5dB before clip)

Frequency Response
20Hz to 50kHz +/- 0.5dB

Dynamic Range
Internal Headroom:
Channels +21dB Mix +23dB

Signal-to-Noise Ratio
rms 22Hz to 22kHz Mic EIN -128dB
Residual Output Noise < -95dBu (-99dB S/N) L/R unity fader mix noise < -83dBu (-87dB S/N)

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
@ +10dBu 1kHz
Channel to mix out < 0.004%

Power Supply
Internal 100-240V, 50/60Hz auto sensing, IEC input
External input for optional MPS12 backup supply Power Consumption 35W max
Main fuse T630mA L 20mm

20 x 20.9 x 7.7" (507 x 530 x 194mm) (WxDxH)

22 lbs (10 kg)

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