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Analog Way OVX-831 OCTO-VUE FX Switcher/Scaler Item Id: VIDESWCOVX831

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 OCTO Vue FX by Analog Way is a High Resolution Digital and Analog Computer & Video Up/Down Scaler Switcher. In addition, OVX offers a true scaled preview and many effects including High Resolution PIP in Computer & Video formats. It features many other effects: fading & titling, Hi-Res. logo insertion and frame store. It is fitted with 8 Universal A/V inputs including one DVI, and 4 outputs: 2 Analog and 1 DVI for the Main; 1 Analog for the Preview. It performs an ultra fast and smooth transition between any Video or Computer sources. It also allows a true seamless switching between one computer Input (direct) and any other Video or Computer Input. Make a great presentation seamless with this switcher specially designed for Houses of Worship, Conference Rooms and Large Screen Projection set-ups. Rental Price: $350.00 CAD Rates listed are daily rates.
Weekly Rate= 4x Daily Rate
Monthly Rate=10x Daily Rate

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Complete functionality can be accessed from the front panel, outboard controllers and Remote.
The OCTO-VUE FX can fit the native resolution of the projection display and provide you with a high image quality. This is achieved by an integrated digital decoder, improved 3:2 and 2:2 Pull down circuitry, auto-adaptive pixel by pixel 3D motion compensation, Time Base Corrector, Frame Rate Converter and Follower and its 2 Buffered Outputs.
This unit has the ability to act as a presentation switcher; it will select one A/V input channel and can transition to other sources during presentations to dual output displays.
Fading Effects
The product features Fade, Dissolve, Black and Cut effects between Video and computer or between computer and computer. OCTO-VIEW FX also allows to adjust the cross-fading duration.
Titling Effects
This switcher makes it possible to maintain an active title while switching between two inputs. The title will remain on the screen during the transition. Another feature is the shadow title with settable vertical size and position. Moreover, the OCTO-VUE FX layers a title over a computer and video image.
Logos and Frames
The OCTO-VUE FX can store in its non volatile memory eight Still or one animated logos and four full frame images in high resolution. Logos can have any shape due to the keying capability, and transparency is user adjusted. Full Frames can be used as welcome or transition image.
The OVX 831 is fitted with a true scaled preview out offering the user to visualize any source before displaying it on the main output.
Picture In Picture
The PIP can be sized and moved anywhere over the background image. Background image can be switched between one Computer source and Frame. The PIP source can be fast & smoothly switched through a fade to black or customized color. The PIP opening offers a choice between Cut and Fade.
  • Video Presentations
  • Large Live Events
  • Rental and Installation for Trade Shows
The OCTO-VUE-FX will fit into existing rack spaces without extraneous equipment.
Universal High Resolution Video x8, Various Resolutions and Scan Rates, on DVI and HD-15 or BNC for composite, component and one 4-Pin Y/C
Remote Control, RS-232, on a 9-Pin connector
Stereo Balanced Audio x5, on 5-Pin connectors
Stereo Unbalanced Audio x3, on Stereo Mini connectors
Universal High Resolution Video x3, at Various Scan Rates and Resolution, on DVI and HD-15 connectors
Balanced Stereo Audio, on a 5-Pin connector
Preview Out, RGBHV, XGA, on an HD-15 connector
Up Conversion
Down Conversion
Frame Rate Conversion
Aspect Ratio Conversion
Format Conversion
Transition Switching Manual or Remote
Transition Selection
Input Format
Output Format
Proc-Amp Image Adjust
Audio Level
Image Position
User Effect Storage
Logo and Frame Store
Power Source:
100 to 250 VAC @ 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH):
19 x 11.8 x 1.75"
48.26 x 30 x 4.45 cm
7.7 lbs
3.5 kg
Rental Includes:
  • Rack Mounted Flight Case
  • 6' Power Cable
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