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JVC HR-S4800 VHS Player/Recorder

JVC HR-S4800 VHS Player/Recorder
JVC HR-S4800 VHS Player/Recorder Item Id: 245VIDSVRCRHR-S4800

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 The JVC HR-S4800 is a great device for anyone looking to digitalize thier old VHS collection. Don't let all those classics go to waste, digitalize them and then transfer to your computer or DVD for endless and easy access to your entire VHS collection. The HR-S4800 also delivers sharp VCR recording and playback, easy video editing, and flexible features. Super VHS recording and viewing is a breeze and JVC's S-VHS ET system gives you true S-VHS recording and playback using standard VHS tapes! Editing features like flying erase head, insert editing, and audio dubbing let you make your videotaped memories more watchable. You also get a handy front-panel S-video input for your hook-up convenience.
Rental Price: $20.00 CAD Rates listed are daily rates.
Weekly Rate= 4x Daily Rate
Monthly Rate=10x Daily Rate

  • Quantity:
  • High resolution Super VHS and VHS
  • Super VHS ET Recording
  • 19 micron width EP Heads
  • Hi-Fi Stereo with MTS Decoder
  • VCR Plus+ with "Cable Eye" Cable Box Controller
  • Shuttle Plus on Remote Jog/Shuttle on front of VCR
  • Insert Editing with Flying Erase Head
  • Audio Dubbing
  • Dual Azimuth - 4 Video Heads + 2 Hi-Fi Audio Heads + Flying Erase Head
  • Plug & Play
  • Auto SP-EP Timer Recording
  • Active Video Calibration
  • Picture Control
  • Multi-Brand TV/Cable/DBS Compatible Remote w/Glow Keys
  • Express Programming
  • Child Lock
  • AV Compu Link
  • S-Video Input on Front Panel
  • S-Video Output on Back Panel
  • Rear AV Inputs, Gold Plated Front Inputs
  • AV Outputs on Rear Panel
  • 181 Channel Tuner
  • Multi Lingual Color On Screen Menu. Menu Button on VCR.
  • Shipping Weight 11 lbs.
  • Power: AC 120V - 60Hz
  • General
    Format: S-VHS
    MTS Reception: Yes
    Jog Function: No
    Shuttle Function: Yes
    Tracking Adjustment: Auto/Manual
    Slow Motion: Yes
    Auto Clock Set: Yes
    Memory Backup Time: 3 min
    Remote Control: Multibrand
    VCR Plus: Yes
    Recording Speeds: SP/EP
    Flying Erase Head: Yes
    Cable Box/DBS Control: Yes
    Commercial Advance: No
    Indexing Auto Audio Dubbing: Yes
    Audio Record Level: No
    Timer Weeks/Events: 52 / 8
    Rental Includes:
    • Hard-Shell Carrying Case
    • Remote Control
    • 6' BNC
    • 6' RCA
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