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Kramer VP-725DS Digital Scaler and Switcher Item Id: VIDESWSCVP-725DS

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 The VP-725xl is a presentation scaler/switcher with multiple signal format sections. The unit has five independent 4x1 video sections: composite, s-Video (Y/C), component (YUV), computer graphics, and HDMI, plus a single USB input. It also scales any video input up or down to a selectable graphics or HDTV output resolution and provides glitch-free switching between sources through FTB (fade-thru-black) switching technology.
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K-Storm is a scaling technology offering pull down features, deinterlacing and high performance scan conversion of input signals.
Complete functionality can be accessed from the front panel, an IR Remote and via RS-232.
The output can be scaled up or down to various pixel rates depending on the input.
An On Screen Display is overlaid when using the control options for the user's convenience.
This device features a full scale processing amplifier for video corrections and enhancements.
Multiple Television Standard
PAL, SECAM and NTSC 3.58 and 4.43 are accepted and process in this device.
Five dedicated signal formats: a 4x1 Composite, 4x1 s-Video (Y/C), 4x1 Component (RGB/ YUV), 4x1 Computer Graphics (HD-15F), and a 2x1 DVI-D (on a DVI-I connector). One 18x1:3 scaled output.
The video fades to black and then the new input fades from black for glitch-free and smooth switching. The output signal provides constant sync so the display never glitches.
A built-in TBC offers video stability.
The component inputs are designed to pass and process an analog HDTV signal. The output can be resolved to standard resolutions.
This unit offers picture-in-picture operation for comparison or specific application.
Composite Video x4, 1 Vpp @ 75Ω, on BNC connectors
Y/C (S-Video) x4, Y: 1 Vpp C: 0.3 Vpp @ 75Ω, on 4-Pin connectors
Component Video x4, Y Cb Cr Progressive and Interlaced, on BNC connectors
Digital Video Interface x2, on a DVI connector
Computer Generated Video 4, VGA to UXGA, on an HD-15 connector
RS-232, on a DB-9 connector
Computer Generated Video x2, Supporting A Variety of Resolutions and Scan Rates, on HD-15 connectors
High Resolution Video, @ Various Resolutions and scan rates, on a DVI connector
Composite Video, 1 Vpp @ 75Ω, on a BNC connector
Y/C (S-Video), Y: 1 Vpp C: 0.3 Vpp @ 75Ω, on a 4-Pin connector
Component Video, Y Cb Cr Progressive and Interlaced, on BNC connectors
Component, Composite and Y/C Standard Video; VGA to UXGA; DVI
Converting to
Computer Generated Video (VGA to UXGA) on an HD-15 connector
Front Panel, IR Remote and RS-232:
Picture in Picture
Refresh Rate Selection
Output Image Scaling
Aspect Ratio
Input Selection
Power Source:
100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH):
19 x 9.3 x 5.25"
48.26 x 23.62 x 13.55cm
13.2 lbs
Rental Includes:
  • 6' VGA
  • 6' BNC
  • VGA - BNC Break-Out
  • Mac Computer Video Adaptor
  • Remote
  • Bage case
  • Power Cord
  • Manual
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