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Mackie 1202-VLZ3 12 Channel Mixer with 4 Mic Inputs Item Id: AUDC12CH1202-VLZPRO

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 Mix up to 12 channels of audio signals together with the Mackie 1202-VLZ3. This dynamic mixer allows you to connect multiple sources such as Microphones, DVD players, Computers, MP3 Players, and Instruments all into one device. It also has multiple outputs for sending to speakers, subwoofers and/or audio recording devices simoultaneously. Lightweight and easy to carry this console is the perfect choice for portability or limited space and where multiple sound sources must be mixed together.
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Improved XDR2 Microphone Preamplifiers
 Featuring four improved XDR2 microphone preamps provide an impressive 130dB of Dynamic range. The microphone preamps deliver a wider frequency range than the older XDR mic preamps.
Improved Mix Bus
 All VLZ3 series mixers have more headroom and less distortion thanks to an improved mix bus. Negative Summing results in a quiet output signal with improved gain.
Rugged Construction
 All Steel construction virtually eliminates noise caused by bad grounding. Because the chassis is steel, connections are automatically grounded on contact.
Flexible Routing Options 
 The 1202-VLZ3 PRO provides Inserts on all mono channels. ALT 3-4 provides a second stereo bus. Use the ALT 3-4 and Stereo main Outputs as a 4-bus configuration.
Compact Design
 The compact enclosure allows users to rack mount the mixer using the optional rack ears.
Total # Of Inputs:
12 - Balanced 1/4" TRS Phone Inputs
Mic/Line Inputs:
4 - Balanced XLR Mic Inputs
Stereo Line Inputs:
4 - Stereo Paired Balanced 1/4" TRS Phone (Channels 5-12)
In-Line Inputs/Returns:
AUX Sends:
2 - 1/4" TRS Phone with extra 15dB of gain above Unity
AUX Returns:
2 Stereo (4 mono) - 1/4" TRS Phone
4 - 1/4" TRS Phone Pre-Fader/Pre EQ
BUS (Group) Outputs:
4 - Group Outputs via ALT 3-4 output and Master Main Outputs
2 Trk Master I/O:
Main Output L/R - Balanced 1/4" TRS Phone
Tape Input/Output L/R RCA-pin
Monitor Outputs:
Control Room L/R Balanced 1/4" TRS Phone
EQ Section:
HI Shelving +/- 15dB @12kHz MID Peaking +/- 12dB @2.5kHz LOW Shelving +/- 15dB @80Hz
MUTE/ALT 3-4 switches on channels 1-12
SOLO (pre fader) switches on channels 1-12
Channel Level Control:
Sealed Rotary Controls
Trim/Gain Control:
Unity to +60dB
Phantom Power:
12 - segment peak LED's with "RUDE SOLO" light
Frequency Response:
20Hz to 60kHz: +0 dB/-1 dB
20Hz to 100kHz: +0 dB/-3 dB
Dynamic Range:
130dB Dynamic Range
Signal-to-Noise Ratio:
-100dBu; Main Mix knob down, channel Gain knobs down
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):
(1kHz @ 35dB gain, 20Hz-20 kHz bandwidth)
Mic pre @ insert: 0.0007%
Power Supply:
120VAC, 50/60Hz, 25 watts
11.2 x 11.9 x 3.0" (284 x 303 x 75mm) (H x W x D)
6.5 lb (3.0 kg)
Rental Includes:
  • 6' IEC Power Cable
  • 25' XLR Cable
  • Soft-Shell Carry Case
  • User Guide/Manual
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