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Wenger Versalite Stage/Risers

Wenger Versalite Stage/Risers
Wenger Versalite Stage/Risers Item Id: StgG RISE 133G828R

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 Versalites' flexible modular design lets you move and reconfigure your stage or riser as often as you need. The setup operation is smooth and intuitive, with separate legs locking into the 4ft X 4ft decks, and the decks locking to each other. In fact, Versalite is so easy and flexible that you can set up a riser configuration in the morning and use the same components to create a multi-level stage in the afternoon. PRICE PER 4ft X 4ft deck (legs incl.)
Rental Price: $40.00 CAD Rates listed are daily rates.
Weekly Rate= 4x Daily Rate
Monthly Rate=10x Daily Rate

  • Quantity:
  • Choice of 8" or 16" legs
  • Light, easy-to-handle sections
  • No folding frames, heavy wheel assemblies, or noisy parts
  • Legs attach securely and quickly with the flip of a lever
  • Frame and legs are constructed of extruded, aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Decks are sturdy, 3/4" (19 mm) plywood
  • 4' x 4'
  • Black
  • Non-slip surface
Rental Includes:
  • 8" or 16" legs x4
  • 4X4 Stage Panel x1
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